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Dracula: Film and Music w/ Philip Glass and Kronos Quartet

Dracula: Film & Live Score w/ Philip Glass & Kronos Quartet


Film & Live Score
Philip Glass
& Kronos Quartet

Tuesday, October 31, 8:00pm
at Paramount Theatre

Dracula: Film and Music w/ Philip Glass and Kronos Quartet
Film & Live Music Score Series: Philip Glass' 'Dracula' w/ Philip Glass & Kronos Quartet  

Dracula: Film & Music w/ Philip Glass & Kronos Quartet

Part of Philip Glass’ 80th birthday celebration, the GRAMMY-winning, Bay Area based Kronos Quartet and the composer himself perform his score to accompany a screening of Tod Browning’s iconic 1931 horror classic Dracula, starring Bela Lugosi. Easily one of the most prolific and influential artists of 20th Century, Glass rose to prominence as one of the so-called “minimalist” composers in the late 1960s along with Steve Reich, Terry Riley, and LaMonte Young. His seminal long-form composition Music in 12 Parts, electric chamber opera Einstein on the Beach, and score to Godfrey Reggio’s groundbreaking 1983 film Koyaanisqatsi brought his singular approach to the mainstream, and Glass’ current work encompasses solo piano, chamber music, opera, and increasingly, soundtracks. Called “one of Glass' most lyrical, moving works” by Billboard, his Dracula score was commissioned in 1999 for the Universal home video release of the film, employing keyboards played by the composer, conducting and additional keyboards by longtime Glass collaborator Michael Reisman, and strings by the Kronos Quartet. Formed by violinist David Harrington in 1973, Kronos is the most highly regarded performing ensemble devoted to contemporary composition, with over 850 individual works composed specifically for them. Veterans of dozens of albums and thousands of performances, Kronos has an established relationship with Glass, dating back to their appearance on Glass’ score recording to the 1985 film Mishima. In a perfect Halloween match of program and venue, this performance of the live score with the film takes place at Oakland’s Art Deco palace, the Paramount Theatre, opened in 1931 – the same year as the film’s release.

Artist Personnel

Philip Glass keyboard
Michael Reisman conducting, keyboard

David Harrington violin
John Sherba violin
Hank Dutt viola
Sunny Yang cello

"The Glass score is effective in the way it suggests not just moody creepiness, but the urgency and need behind Dracula's vampirism. It evokes a blood thirst that is 500 years old " — Roger Ebert
"One of Glass' most lyrical, moving works, regardless of genre " — Billboard
"For over 40 years, the Kronos Quartet has been reimagining what a string quartet can be " — The New York Times